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SwipeGuide | ISAE 3402 & SOC 2

“We’re happy to have the ISAE 3402 Type II and a SOC 2 Type II reports in order to assure that our cloud software and the services we offer are safe, reliable, and compliant with international standards. Conclude has supported us reach these goals in a smooth way.” - Nick Jacobs, compliance lead at SwipeGuide

“SwipeGuide is an organization that does not compromise on the values that make them unique. They shape their environment to fit them instead of shaping themselves to fit the environment. It is this approach that makes SwipeGuide unique and allows them to stay ahead.” - Bart van Wijck, project lead at Conclude Accountants

SummarySwipeGuide Software

Since 2016, SwipeGuide has assisted their clients to deliver the most intuitive way to standardize work in the manufacturing industry. With SwipeGuide’s work instruction software, organizations maximize their operational efficiency and minimize production errors by using standardized instructions.

SwipeGuide presents the new standard for work instructions by providing it through a highly available SaaS platform. The platform makes operational knowledge available for factory workers at the moment of need through mobile and wearable devices. Data on usage and feedback makes it easy to continuously improve operational processes and procedures to reduce error on the shop floor.


The ISAE 3402 / SOC 1 standard ensures that user organizations control the risks of (possible) impact of their services have on the financial statement of their clients. Examples include limiting who has access to sensitive information and enforcing rigorous anti-fraud measures.

The ISAE 3000 / SOC 2 report on the other hand is the international assurance standard for non-financial information. In the SOC 2 report, the Trust Service Criteria for security and availability are included to ensure that the control framework is compliant with SOC 2 standards and market best practices.

The SwipeGuide software is implemented by clients within their organizations. The use of the software to share the instructions comes with a range of risks. To assure all risks are known and precautionary measures are taken to prevent and minimize those risks, SwipeGuide has an ISAE 3402 Type II and a SOC 2 Type II report.

SwipeGuide engaged Conclude Accountants to audit both reports last year. During these audits Conclude Accountants performed multiple tests to evaluate the design and operating effectiveness of SwipeGuide’s control framework.

As a result of their efforts, SwipeGuide received the assurance statement, which confirmed that SwipeGuide properly mitigated the risks in their internal processes. Within SwipeGuide there is a constant drive to provide their clients with high-quality reliable services with the lowest possible risk. In order to accomplish this, SwipeGuide chooses a professional firm to support the ISAE 3402 / SOC 2 implementation and found with Risklane the partner they required. 

The collaboration between SwipeGuide and Conclude Accountants was successful. Conclude Accountants supported SwipeGuide to reach compliance goals in an effective and professional way.

Solution & Results

SwipeGuide's control framework and descriptions have been described, audited, and qualified. The company can now assure clients that their cloud software and the services offered are safe, reliable, and compliant with international standards. SwipeGuide’s clients now know that potential risks related to the platform are known and that the company has effective measures in place to mitigate them.

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Over Conclude

Conclude Accountants is een internationaal accountantskantoor dat zich richt op outsourcing assurance zoals ISAE 3402|SOC 1 en ISAE 3000|SOC 2. Wij volgen continue de laatste technologische trends en ontwikkelingen om de beste dienstverlening te bieden aan opdrachtgevers.